Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Wedding at Casa Real Pleasanton :: Ashley & Justin

"Cops and Teachers"......should be the name of an indie rock band.

Yes, he's a cop, (SJPD) and she's a Teach, (prolly likes apples too). Remember these guys? Last time we were together, dogs and cats showed up as well. Lots of em. This time around, things were just the opposite, LOTS of sun. :) Shot this wedding at Casa Real in Pleasanton. Not my first go there but ALWAYS a great venue with top notch delivery from the staff and planning team.
Great wedding with great folks. Thanks for making us, (Quan and I) feel welcome. Such a pleasure to shoot for clients who "get it" and appreciate what we do. It's always a sad feeling when a wedding is wrapped up and the images are delivered. Can't say I don't have anything to look forward to. One day I just might shoot these guys again, Justin, Ashley and a baby? Hey, it could happen. ;) Big thanks to my man Quan. Always a pleasure my friend.



Just before the ceremony. Awwwwwwww....

The grooms last is deOLIVEria. Lots of the details were patterned after this. :D

I love this image of Ashley.

Love this.

Guitar hero?

Quan likes cake. :D


Paul Charette said...

Hey Sam - beautiful stuff, like always. Keep up the excellent work man.

Maybe be in contact with you in a few months ;)

shmilyfacephoto said...

LOL, Quan CRACKS ME UP! Nice shots, LOVE the black and white one. Looks like she's in a car or something, anyways, really made me go "Woooow."

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