Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Los Gatos Wedding Photographer :: Brittney & Rob

I remember my first bike. It was a Huffy. Some punk stole it.............I will find him.

Cool peeps here. So cool that we used bikes during our session. Only the coolest do this of course. They will be married at the Palm Event center next May. Yours truly will be there to document. :D Also wanted to say a huge thank you to Sarah who sent these guys to me as a referral. I shot Sarahs wedding waaaaaaay back. One of the first 25 weddings I'd ever shot. Fun times. :D

Brittney and Rob, it was a pleasure shooting for you. My hope is that no one ever steals your bikes.


sunshine said...

I am in awe. Each time you post something new it's is "the bomb!"

orange county photographer said...

wow amazing images Hassas!!

obi said...

love it

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