Monday, March 28, 2011

Las Vegas Engagement Photographer :: Andrea & Alex


This session happened there. It stayed there!
Andrea & Alex will be married down in the L.A. area. Yours truly will be there to document. Vegas is a pretty incredible city. Never remiss for life and color. Suits these rockstars pretty very well. Your wedding is going to be a blast to shoot if the engagement session was any indication.

These guys came to me by Alex's father Gene who is a photographer as well. Always honored when a photographer chooses me to photograph for them. He and his wife Linda are the talent behind SoCal Sunshine. Hire them! They are awesome. :)
Why did we not think to get a shot of all of us!? :S

Like these Vegas pics? GREAT!! I do it again with a brand new couple in a few weeks!


Happy Monday, (evening).

Next on the list:
Feye & Henry - wedding
Melissa & Geoffery - wedding
Kris & Kate - portrait
Stephanie & Greg -portrait
Mary & Savva - wedding
Melissa & Tam - wedding
Sai & Doug - wedding


Friday, March 25, 2011

San Jose Senior Photographer :: Larissa Exum

Larissa's a senior but doesn't get 10% off at Denny's!? What gives?!!

When I shoot seniors I can't help but to add a bit of "model" flaire to spice things up. Larissa, YOU were a natural. Exceptional young lady :) She not just all beauty either boys, Mom told me this senior session was a gift for maintaining a 4.0 this year. HUGE congrats sweetheart. You're future is looking amazing.

3 blog posts in the same day!! WOW!!
(to all my waiting clients, my precious MacPro, (affectionately named Shelly) has been at the doctors for repair and has delayed us a bit more then usual. Bare with us as we're trying to play catch-up. Your stuff is comin and it looks MARVELOUS! Promise. :D

Happy Friday....again.

Still have a couple slots left for my 2011 seniors. Hit me up if oyu'd like a session. Times running o.....

OH!!! Don't forget about Genesis registration!!! It's right around the corner. Get in when the getting good: Genesis Workshop 2011

Love this set.


Genesis 2011 :: Photography Workshop

Last year I was able to be part of a wonderful and very unique workshop designed for photographers. Genesis 2010 in Durham NC ended with some new made friendships, incredible workshop images and most importantly better and more prepared photographers. Well guess what, it was so good we're doing it again and this time we're going to Nashville!

The usual suspects will be there along with a BRAND NEW speaker. Ed Pingol makes his debut bringing along with him his skill given to him by the lighting gods. Tony Hoffer with his award winning images and lighting work-flow. Mel & Jeff Mansfield will be equipping us with practical knowledge for the practical studio and rounding us off will be our guest speaker, Evan Baines talking on photojournalism. OH!! and of course yours truly! :D

Registration starts April 1st, (just less then a week!). Last year we sold all but 3 spots in the first hour. Mark your calenders!!

Genesis 2011

Our 3 Day Schedule:

San Fransisco Engagement Photographer :: Teresa & Jeff

Random Coffee Fact: Coffee is the 2nd most traded product in the world. Only second to petroleum.

Jeff and Teresa and coffee connoisseurs. The likely place for their engagement session was Philz Coffee in the SOMA SF. You know the coffee is good because there is a "Z" in place of an "S" in the store name. Such a fun session. These guys don't have a serious bone in their body. Lots of laughs and breaking into places to shoot.'s how we roll. Their wedding is going to be in Half-moon Bay and is JUST around the corner. Stay tuned for their wedding coming really shortly. :)

Happy Friday folks and don't forget to check out what we have in store for Genesis 2011


Friday, March 18, 2011

Golden Gate Park SF Wedding :: Jennifer & Josh

I wish there was a fleet month.

Don't remember a wedding that had so much talent bottled up amongst so many folks. Seemed all the guests were either actors, in theater, singers, dancers or musicians. Made for a very colorful evening. Lots of fun! Wedding was at Golden Gate Park in SF. What a pretty place! My first go there. :)
Most of the details were DIY by the bride and groom. Especially love the programs designed by the groom. Color scheme was awesome! Wedding took place at Fort Mason just down the road from Crissy Field. Congrats guys! I'd say the images below represent how hilarious and fun your friends and family are. The best man speech...........dude. You had to be there.

Big thanks to Quan for helping as second shooter on this wedding. My man.
Thanks for the look peeps! Happy Friday!


Wedding took place during fleet week in SF. Mindblowing teamwork. We had front row seats.

This cutie was such a ham!


the deets.

Cause the grooms half Japaneses. Get it? Chopsti....forget it.
The speech.
The reactions.
the disbelief.
the children

her expression here kills me.



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