Friday, August 26, 2011

San Fransisco Trash the Dress Session :: Felicia & Rich

Trashing the dress seems like such a wasteful, American thing to do. You'd be shocked to hear these guys are Canadian.

You may remember Felicia and Rich from a blog post I did a bit over a year ago when I was in Vancouver for there engagement session. Sadly, (and I do me I was VERY sad), I wasn't able to shoot for them on their wedding day. No worries however as we've made up for it here!! They came to SF for their one year anni and decided "The Sauce" needed to come in and shoot a round 2 for them. I was happy to oblige.

I love these images so much. The color, the fun, the LIFE. Look at me, I'm gushing over my own stuff. Is that bad? I'm sorry if it is. If EVER a dress was trashed it was here. And can I say both of these guys deserve a medal for getting into thee absolutely FRIGDE waters. This is SF folks. It's always cold all the time. Ask these Canadian's, they know what real cold is. F&R...I love you guys. Real talk.

Big thanks once again for my girl Bess Friday for helping as assistant on this one. If I've ever needed a second set of hands it was here. THANK YOU BESS!!! So proud of all that you're accomplishing in the photo world.

Most post to come folks. I've obviously been blog-shy recently and my only excuse is the metric-ton of editing, shooting, traveling and otherstuff-ing that goes into running a photo biz. Wedding season has us in a frezy. Bare with us as we get through your images. Today was spent, editing for about 7 hours, shooting an engagement session for about 3 hours, coming back and editing for another 4 hours and preparing this blog post which took about 2 hours. It's 4am and I'm making a blog post. Is that an indication of how busy and backed up things are? Some of you have been VERY VERY patient and I can't thank you enough. It's ALL coming. Promise.

I'm tired but I love this more then you know. Thanks for stopping by!!


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Wedding in Tasmania :: Sam & Ian

I went to Australia. I came back with these pics as souvenirs.

So this set has been a long time coming. Sam & Ian thought enough of our work to have us for their fantastic Australian wedding. I can't say enough. It was epic. The week before the wedding I had the privilege of shooting their engagement session in Sydney.

The people, the culture and the food. The experiance was amazing and the wedding was over the top. Ian is from Houbart, a town just on the other side of Launceston Tasmania where our wedding took place. Sam our bride is actually British and many of her family members made the trek from England to be a part. Matter of fact, there
were family member from all over the world. I was even trumped as most distant traveler. Sam, you were a radiant bride. Ian, you're a crazy du....bloke. Grats on the bond. Do me a favor and live happily ever after.

Big thanks to Chris Fawkes for helping me here as second shooter. He came in from Melbourne did awesome as a partner. His images are listed below. Thanks again my friend and a HUGE thank you to Bob and Helen for housing me during my stay in Sydney. Your hospitality was amazing!

I saw this trip as a once in a lifetime chance to go the world down under. Australia, you did not disappoint. Happy Tuesday blog world.


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