Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sydney Australia Engagement Photographer :: Samantha & Ian

Well, guess what?! I'M IN SYDNEY!!


Before I present this set, I have to apologize to any current clients who are still expecting their engagement photos back in the States. Because I couldn't shoot Sam & Ian's engagement session months ago for obvious logistical reasons, I had to shoot it Tuesday, so they could be ready for print on their wedding day this weekend. I'd do it for you! :D Thanks in advance for not sending me hate mail. I PROMISE I'm on it.


Ian and Sam are getting married in 2 stinkin days!! They thought enough of my work to fly us out to Australia and shoot their grand event taking place in Tasmania this weekend. I'm flattered beyond measure guys. I'll get into all the specifics of what took place here in my wedding post for them down the road. In short though, Australia is amazing. The people are all sooooo friendly. It almost feels at times that it's an act and the entire country is in on a conspiracy to prove themselves friendly. It's not. These folks are genuine. Also, I've officially decided to add the words, "fancy" and "bloke" to my vernacular.

LOOK at these images!! Off to another shoot...By for now. :)



Saturday, February 12, 2011

Wedding at the Fairmont Hotel San Fransisco :: Tiffany & Brandon

Enter Tiffany and Brandon.

Black tie affair with with a group of very genuine people. Tiffany & Brandon, YOU ARE LOVED. That's what I witnessed at your wedding. Tiffany, you hold record for the most carefree bride I've ever shot for. The last panel of shots in this blog is a testament to that. You were a dream to photograph. Your expressions are just wonderful. I LOVE IT!
Wedding reception took place at the Fairmont Hotel in San Fransisco. WHAT AN AMAZING PLACE. The event was put together by the talent of Carol Rothman of Glorious Weddings. Great job on all the details. I think the photos will show the wonderful job they did. Wanted to also say thank you to Scott and Jarda for help as assistant and second shooter. Thanks guys!

Enough with the rambling, onto the images. Happy Saturday!

P.S. - I board a plane to Australia in 10 hours for another wedding!! :D

P.S.S. - I was interviewed by the good folks at La Brisa Photography about my photo brain. If you want to get in my head, go check it out: Hassas Q & A
Thanks for having me Chris!

The bond here is evident.

The look
The gift

The preggers

Love this.
So regal. High class folks here.

Brandon's sister. She posed for me every chance she got. LOVE IT! :D

Brandon's parents. I'm going to be a gentlemen and not reveal mom's age, (it was told to me) You would be shocked. Brandon, the babies are gonna have good genes.
Proud dad.

Tiffany, I made this for you. I've never done anything like it but that's cause I've never had a bride like you. HOW can you not feel her joy!? Your expressions are like putty in a photographers hands. Such a sweetheart. My wife thinks you're beautiful. :)

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