Thursday, March 6, 2008

Scott & Sarah

I had a great session with some pretty awesome folks last Saturday. I took Scott and Sarah to Gilroy, where nestled deep into the canyons just past Monterey highway you'll find several green hilled VINEYARDS. I know - I know, I had no idea there were vineyards in Gilroy either. Though the vineyards were far from being in bloom, they still made for a great backdrop for our lovely session. We even got permission from a local home owner to use their land and old rustic barn for a few shots. Thanks Lydia!

Currently, Sarah is in the field of accounting. Scott, a Yale grad, works in the video game industry. So he has a gorgeous girl and makes money playing video games......not bad Scott, not bad at all.
Scott and Sarah have been dating for about 8 years with their first date being their Junior Prom. I tried to wrestle a picture from Sarah to post, just for the heck of it but she refused. I bet she had puffy sleeves and 3 foot hair wave. Scott must have had on a tuxedo t-shirt. Thats what I had on at my prom anyway. Just kidding guys.

They both grew up in Sonoma county and their wedding day is going to be the 12th of July. Their venue is outdoor wedding/reception in Napa at a local vineyard. Doesn't it just sound magical? I bet you guys can't wait. Enjoy the photos guys.


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