Wednesday, September 29, 2010

San Jose Engagement Photographer :: Genista & Vicente


It's what this session was. I think the photos will express this as well.


Say Hello Genista & Vicente! Shooting for these guys this coming December. I love weddings around the Holiday Season. So festive that time of year. This one will be no exception.
For this session we found an abandoned warehouse. What a find! Did we ask permission to go in? Ummmm, yeah. Of course we did.

Happy Wednesday!


Sunday, September 26, 2010

San Jose Children's Photographer :: Malikiah

"When I grow up I want to be a little boy."

Malikiah probably wants to be a firefighter or a police officer when he grows up. If that doesn't work out, he'll be a shoe in as a Gap model. This little dude was amazing. Jasmine, (mom) and Malikiah are from Hawaii and were down in the Bay Area seeing some family and friends. While they were here, they booked a session with me! It was supposed to be a children session. This STUD turned it into a model shoot. Just wow. So adorable. Thanks for the fun time guys. Hope you love your images!

If you'd like to book a family session with us, send an email from our contact page from our family photography website. Sadly for those wanting Christmas sessions, were all booked out all the way through to late January. :(

Happy Sunday everyone!!



Say hi mom.

a shot with some cousins. :)
I love this so much. I think I'm going to order it for my office wall. It just SCREAMS boy. As a father of 2 VERY active boys myself, I can appreciate this.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Dallas/Fort Worth Wedding Photographer :: Destinne & James

When I was a kid, my mom used to watch "Dallas". As an adult, I shot a wedding there.

So who's James? Other then being mistaken for Superman, he's Brittney's brother!
Thanks for the referral guys. :)
Shot their engagement session a few weeks before and decided to bundle both sessions together in one blog post. Fun wedding! Even funner, (is that a word) bridal party. Literally up for anything.....umm yes please. Congrats guys and thanks for the patience getting your images together. :)

A REALLY huge thank you to Kurtis and Mark for helping out as backup shooters on this one. Long story short, there was a delay in my flight and even though I was there on time, these guys were in place JUST in case. You guys were superheros at Superman's wedding.

Sam out.

Image by Mark
Image by Mark

wait......wait for it.......

Mark & Kurtis. Thanks guys!

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