Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Cathy & Nate :: Wedding

The cop and the nurse! Emotions were on high at this one. Lots of tears. Lots of laughs. Loads of fun. Thanks for letting me be a part guys. You'll remember these cool cats from their engagement session a while back. Get this, they went to Australia for about a month for the honeymoon. They tried to bring me back a kangaroo but customs stopped em. Stinks.

The were married at St. Anne's Catholic Church in San Francisco. WHAT A GORGEOUS PLACE!
The architecture is breathtaking. Reception was at The Crown Plaza in Foster City.

Big ups to my buddy Sergio for coming down from Seattle to come help us out. Talented young guy, steady holdin it down in his part of the world. Him and the Quan Bomb both came out. These guys didn't even know what hit em. :)

Thanks for the look see everyone. Congratulations to the bride and groom once again.

Shot of the groom was taken by Sergio. :)

The emotion....

Is this place crazy or what?!

Really fun group here.
I LOVE this shot of you Cathy.

Handcuffs....he's a cop....marriage...linked....get it?
The dragon KICKED the lettuce head. I love their reaction here.

Best money Dance shot you'll ever see in your life.


Cathy said...

Love the pics SAM!!! Such an awesome job!!! I guess all the waiting was well worth it!!! Awesome job and thank you again!!!

Brittany Rivers said...

What a BEAUTIFUL bride!!!!! wow!

The cathedral is breathtaking...reminds me of Notre Dame in Paris.

LOVELOVELOVE the handcuff shot =)

Anonymous said...

Did anyone else notice that the guy in the purple shirt dancing has an open fly? oops! lol

Max A. Franks said...

Sam....i love your pov on these. Seems like you explored the studio space, like you really explored the space.

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