Friday, August 28, 2009

Hamid & Hamida :: Family Session

Lots of bribing too place during this session. The exchange of choice was jelly beans. Who doesn't LOVE jelly beans, right? Deal went like this, you hand over the beans, we MIGHT just look at the camera here or there. Hand over more beans and we might even smile. This is truer then you think. :)

Wonderful family shoot from a few weeks ago. The kids were SO CUTE! Could have passed for one of my nieces or nephews. :) H&H, you have beautiful children. Hope you love what we created as much as I enjoyed creating it.

Christmas is soon approaching and my calender for Family pics is filling FAST. I'm currently completely booked for all of Sept & Oct. If you've had it in mind to have a session for holiday cards I email book me:) I have about 5 sessions left.

Thanks for the look my friends.

What a handsome family!

I love this.

I have a hole in my stomach...

Those eyes. awwwwww.


Nicholas said...

Nice set Sam, good job with the kids they're pretty cute!!!

The Memory Journalists said...

Oh my goodness! Their kids are so cute, it hurt a little! :o) Thanks for sharing this beautiful family session.

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