Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tichenor :: Professional Realty

Husband and wife team, Lisa & Jonas Tichenor, (Tish-ner) came to me needing some company branding photos along with head-shots for the company. I'm finding that brand photography is very satisfying work. Though my first love is wedding photography, it's a great break every now and then to explore other parts of the world of photo. Being creative with creative people is REALLY cool. Both Jonas & Lisa were news reporters and Jonas is actually an award-winning broadcast journalist. Let's make some magic.

Purpose for the shoot was to have professional images for their marketing. Cards, mailers, pamphlets and everything web. I think we got somewhere guys. :) The session wasn't complete without some fun shots of them as a family just being them. The little darling is their daughter Abigale. SUCH a ham.

Thanks for the look see everyone. Happy Tuesday.


You want concepts? How's this?

Of course I got one of them with out the plants in front of their faces. Not nearly as awesome though. ;)
In my top 10 most favorite family portraits. Dead serious.


Anonymous said...

Rockin, sir. Nice to see some different stuffs!

- jer

Sheri said...

Oh my gosh, these images are amazing. I can totally see them being used for real estate marketing.

Jesse Willoughby said...

This brings your skills to a whole different market segment. I really like these. Attention all professionals...any industry, GO TO hassasphotography.com.

Sophie Delaveau said...

Love the eighteenth pic. So creative and funny and great composed...

Author said...

When I get ready to submit my medical school essay, I will come knocking at your door for a photo shoot.

Jimmy Jam said...

Sam, long time fan, first time post. Love the last shot with the family. Your creativity knows no bounds.

nico said...

Ah ah ah.
Love those :)

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