Thursday, December 30, 2010

San Jose Engagement Photographer :: Monica & Josh

An afternoon on a swing with your main squeeze. Near Zen.

Monica & Josh will be marrying in just a few weeks here. "The Sauce" will be documenting. Best part about this one is that it will be at my home church here in San Jose: First Church San Jose. Looking forward to it guys!!

On a completely different note, my boys and I have 200 pets. What kind you ask? 200 praying mantis. Long story short, the boys caught a praying mantis in the yard several weeks back. A friend came over and though the best way to help it drink water is to pour a gallon of water on it. It died. :( After some reseach, I found some folks online that sell mantis eggs. It was sent in the mail and hatched just a few days ago. We have 200 additions to the family now. Photo to come soon!


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Walt Disney Concert Hall Wedding :: Janette & Joel

"You mean to tell me, people put you on a plane, fly you to them just to take pictures of them AND they give you money!?"

~Sam's Mom

Shot this one at the renown Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles. You might remember Janette and Joel from their Gharadelli Square engagement session from several months back. They came up from LA to see me. This time I went to them AND I brought backup. Had the company of my very good friend Ed Pingol on this one as second shooter. On top of being pure class, the man is a wizard behind the lens. I've noted the images he took below.

Janette and Joel, thanks for having me. REALLY want to say thank you to Lance, (best man) who recommend this couple to me and had enough confidence in our work to shoot his best friends wedding. Many thanks for hosting us man. Onto the show!!

My man.....Ed.

Friday, December 24, 2010

San Fransisco Wedding Photographer :: Bess & Peter

The 80's
> EveryOtherEraEver

Geez, where do I begin. The amazingness I witnessed at this wedding is tough to put into words. This was their engagement session. Check it out and then come back. I'm not supposed to play favorites, I know. All my couples and weddings are amazing however there was something so special on this one. So much love and detail was given to every aspect of the day. Much of what you see below was DIY......THAT is way this one rocked so hard.

I'll try and explain:

~ They got married at Southpark, (seriously, Southpark is a real park in the SOMA district of San Fransisco)
~ hand made/picked flower arrangements for the tables
~ The guests played cornhole just before the ceremony
~ midnight pizza run for the guests
~tacos that when eaten could single-handedly cure all the world problems.
~cookies that could do what the tacos did.
~ 2-man 80's cover band, (I can recommend these guys enough. DUDE....WOW. Their contact info is below)

All this topped off with a bride, groom & bridal party that was up for ANYTHING photographically speaking. A recipe for awesome.

My buddy SERGIO flew down from Seattle to help as second shooter! His images and style complemented mine sooooo well. Glad it all worked out that you were able to come bud. Also wanted to say thank you to Jerry for coming out as assistant. Dude manned the photobooth almost exclusively. Thanks guys!

On top of all this, Bess & Peter got my family and I the most wonder and thoughtful Christmas gift. We certainly never expect
anything as choosing us to document your most important day is gift enough. The HUGE box of assorted meats from Omaha Steaks was quite a surprise. (We've already done the burgers and plan on doing filet next week. :D ) My family and I all say THANK YOU!!!!

Dress - Amy Kuschel
Shoes - Hey Lady!
Grooms Suit - R. Douglas
Flowers - A Simple Ceremony
Cookies - Anthony's Cookies, (try the cookies and cream)
Video - Danny Lund
Taco Bar - Tacolicious
Band - Neurotic City
Salon - Grass Hopper Salon, (stylist: Raquel Negrete)
Corn Hole - Barb Friday

Bess and Peter, you started as clients and now were friends. Have the greatest life together.

Merry Christmas everyone!!! It's FINALLY here!


Image by Sergio

Image by Sergio

Images by both Sergio & I

This dudes a dentist.

Image by Sergio

This is Meg Borders. Say hi Meg! She's an EXTREMELY talented photographer serving the Tri Cites area in Washington

Dude, these guys were amazing.
......the dentist.

Wow, what a wedding.

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