Sunday, May 23, 2010

San Fransisco Engagement :: Bess & Peter

So I'm not supposed to play favorites but I just can't help myself. I loved this session.


YES, they really are that in love. Bess and Peter, you were a joy to shoot for. The bakery location was their idea. Tartine is amazing! As gross as this sounds, I salivated while editing the images in the bakery. The breakfast bun they shared was sooooooo good. I got a sample. ;)

The rest of the session was shot in the Mission of San Fransisco. Lots of local goodies to use as backdrops. I could shoot there for hours. I seriously can't wait to shoot their wedding. So chill and relaxed. BIG CONGRATS GUYS!!

Also wanted to say thank you Steven for help as assistance once again. Couldn't have done it without you. (dude saved me from a parking ticket.) Also, THANK YOU random-meter-maid-who-didn't-give-us-a-parking-ticket-YAY!

Pop & Lock yo.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Hassas does a Quinceanera :: Sofia

A quinceaaWHAT!?

Much like a sweet 16 or a Cotillion, a QuinceaƱera is an event celebrated by many Latin cultures in highlighting the achievements of a young lady. Lots of planning and at times just as much as any wedding day. This one was no different.
Sofia, your a special young lady. It wasn't hard to see that you are loved by many in your family and amongst your friends. We all have high hopes for you. ;)

Big ups to my my main man Jared Alvarez for help as assistant on this session. We have too much fun together when shooting. I'm not sure why we even get paid for this. HA!

Happy Thursday.


I love this shot.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Glendale Arizona Wedding Photographer :: Alicia & Paul


"What did the daddy bullet say to the mommy bullet? We're having a BB."

Thought I'd start with something fun. ;)

Alicia and Paul got married in Glendale AZ. You might remember them from their engagement session in Sedona last summer. Truly remarkable. Wedding was a good time and also amongst one of the largest I've shot. They had upwards of 600 guest. Congratulations guys. Enjoy your new life together.

Got to meet up with my good buddy Spencer and another local homie, Travis while I was there. Both of them came out and helped shoot the wedding with me. Good times.

Happy Tuesday Folks.


Really love the image on the left.

Image by Spencer

Image by Travis
This cake was crazy. Seriously crazy.

Friday, May 14, 2010

San Fransisco Engagement Session :: Janette & Joel

Instead of bunnies why couldn't it have been chocolate narwhals?

Shot this one at Ghiradelli Square in San Francisco. Such a colorful place. :)
Janette and Joel drove in from L.A. just to be with me. YAY!! Gonna get to shoot their wedding this coming July down there at the Disney Concert Hall. L.A. just got 10x cooler.

Thanks for the good time guys. See, I told you Ghiradelli would work. ;) BIG thank you to Mr. Peter Friday for lighting duty. Dude is awesome and a hipster at the same time. He's a hiposter. Best part, he's an assistant AND a client at same time. That is certainly a first time. Get ready for their session coming up soon.

Happy Friday guys. Thanks for the peek.


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