Thursday, June 26, 2008

Mike & AJ's Wedding

You'll remember these guys a while back after shooting their engagement session. The wedding was a blast and full of spunk from all the fun, cool folks at the wedding. These guys have surrounded themselves with artist, musicians and the like and that always calls for a good time.

We are going to be doing a post wedding session with them as well so keep your eyes peeled for more Mike & AJ goodness. Guys, thanks for being a blast to shoot for. It hardly felt like work.

I normally wouldn't have included the garter toss in my sample set but it was too hilarious not to include. By the first frame you would have never guessed who won the garter. I love it!! Smaaaall people have, personality, personali.....uuuummm sorry.

Big thanks to Alex for helping me out as a second shooter. You helped out HUGE!! Definantly gonna be on another one my friend.

My photog buddy, Tony Hoffer and I are having a bit of friendly compittion in an all out macro battle. My ring shot is up against his. Tony is seriously with AWESOME when a camera is in his hands. If you need a photographer in the Philly area, give him a ring, you'll be in good hands.

Enjoy the shots guys.


Who will win?

Huh?? Ahahahahaha, too funny.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Q & Nikia

Meet Nikia & Quaddus, (said Ka-Doos). These guys are GENUINELY sweet folks. I loved every minute we spent together for our engagement session. Nikia is a Bay Area native and "Q" is from SoCal. Tried to tell Q that the Bay is where it's at and SoCal is wack but he just wouldn't listen. When they get married in August, he's gonna take her to back home :(
Their colors for the wedding are gonna be chocolate brown and red, (rose shot was a little spin on their color scheme. We spent the first half of their session in the Japaneses Friendship Garden in San Jose. LOTS of color. Probably more so then any other session I've shot to date. Really dug it there. Matter of fact, their ceremony is gonna be there on the same grounds of the gardens.
I loved their evening outfits for our 2nd half of the session in Santa Row. The rose shot was right in front of my most FAVORITE restaurant, Maggianos. I about begged them to go there after our shoot. Beef medallions baby. BTW, great place to shoot to all my tog buddies!! It's gonna be on in August guys. Enjoy the photos. Take care.


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