Wednesday, September 21, 2011

San Jose Engagement Photographer :: Sarah & Mike

Batman - Batgirl
Peanut butter - Jelly
Sarah - Mike

Another awesome couple in San Jose. You thought all the cool spots were in SF. NOT SO I SAY!! These guys plan their I-do's at he Palm Event Center in Pleasanton. The Palm Event actually decided to use one of our images to start their portfolio slide on their website! How cool are we. :)
More pics to be uploaded. More images to be edited. If you're waiting it will be really soon. YAY for weddings!!

Happy Wednesday.


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Bay Area Engagement Photographer :: Elena & Brian

When talking to a couple about a potential backdrop for their engagement session, I REALLY do try and listen. Things that were important to these guys was that it had some urban decayed and graff, (part of Brian's youth). This session had attitude. I loved it. Grats to Elena & Brian on the engagement. Wedding coming pretty quick. Lets do this.

Think I'll be blogging everyday this week. :)


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Wedding in NYC :: Catherine & Ariel

Catherine & Ariel sitting in a tree.......

Few months back I had the pleasure of shooting in NYC. Their engagement session pics were so fun to shoot. Can't explain how cool this city is. I describe it as non-hippie-San-Fran. So much charm. Wonderful group of family members were there to help celebrate and the bridal party was up for anything as always. Thanks for having me guys. Was a real pleasure.

Had the company of 2 really awesome gentlemen while I was there. Jeff Mosier was second shooter for this one, (about 5 of his images can be viewed below) and as assistance I had the help of Allan, (whose engagement session I had the pleasure of shooting while I was down here). You guys are a class act. Made a great team.

Thanks for the look folks. Happy Tuesday.


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