Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Wedding in NYC :: Catherine & Ariel

Catherine & Ariel sitting in a tree.......

Few months back I had the pleasure of shooting in NYC. Their engagement session pics were so fun to shoot. Can't explain how cool this city is. I describe it as non-hippie-San-Fran. So much charm. Wonderful group of family members were there to help celebrate and the bridal party was up for anything as always. Thanks for having me guys. Was a real pleasure.

Had the company of 2 really awesome gentlemen while I was there. Jeff Mosier was second shooter for this one, (about 5 of his images can be viewed below) and as assistance I had the help of Allan, (whose engagement session I had the pleasure of shooting while I was down here). You guys are a class act. Made a great team.

Thanks for the look folks. Happy Tuesday.



Richard & Felicia Ng said...

Me Gusta!J'aime!I like it! You keep raising the bar, you're a photographic Olympian!

Cynthia said...

Group shot... Awesome.

gabrielefani said...

For me is not possible to shoots better... Awesome work.

Michelle said...

I haven't been to the blog in a while...you are still awesome! The shot of the guys dancing is pure magic. Love it.

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