Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Had the pleasure of working on a project for the United Pentecostal Church Youth Division.
Long time friend David McGovern, (SC 96' yo) brought me along and he played creative director on the project. Big ups Dave. Thanks for the shout homie.

Hyphen - A new young adult ministry of the General Youth Division that seeks to connect 18-30 years olds To Service…With Purpose…Through Resources…For a Mission

I was given a certain direction for the shoot and from there was given reigns. We chose black & white. I think it was fitting. Fun project. Love branching out on stuff like this every now and then.

Thank you,


You guys were AWESOME youth models. Happy Wednesday.


And a video :)

video editor/animator: Abraham LaVoi

Friday, September 25, 2009

Alicia & Paul :: Sedona Azizona Enagament Session

So yeah, it was wow. Crazy wow. Wow times infinity even. Sedona Arizona is among the top 5 most beautiful places I've been to I'd say. Breathtaking hardly describes it.

I'll have the pleasure of shooting Alicia & Paul's wedding next year in Arizona. Having the engagement session in Sedona was actually dad's, (Alicia's) idea. Dad done good I'd say :)
If I'm honest, my images hardly do the beauty of whats there justice. That said, it was the perfect backdrop to present the love these two have for one another. Magic.

I went out of my norm and did some landscape photography in between poses from my couple. I'm NOT a landscape photographer but how couldn't I get a few? How'd I do?

Thanks for the warmth, (literally and emotional) Mills family. You'll know how to treat a guest. I look forward to February. :)

Blessing, have a fantastic weekend everyone.


The Mill's family boards horses. Everyone meet Seabuscuit. For real :)

Ladies & Gentleman......I give you Sedona.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Leah & Sam :: Engaged

This ones a bit more special to me. I've known Sam Silva for a long time. I think we first met when he was 7. MAN, when you say it like that. I'm getting old. Oh well, back to the story, I even rented a room from his good folks Cesar & Celina for about 3 years. These folks are family to me. Well Sammy's all grown up now and found himself a girl. Not bad dude, not bad at all. ;)

Shot Leah & Sam's session in Bezerkly Ca. (home of naked people that walk the streets). It's old architecture and real streets lent to a really great backdrop. I really dug the night shots on this session. Worked well. Congrats Sam Sam. Admire you 2 great young people and what you've become. Blessings.

Friends and family to Leah & Sam, say a hello to the bride and groom-to-be in the comments section below. :)


Erika & Perrin:: Santana Row Wedding

Ahhh, Erika & Perrin's wedding. Who wouldn't want Santana Row as a backdrop for their big day. Awesome couple you may have remembered from their engagement session with me a few months back. Had a grand time all around. No pressure to any of my other brides however as a vendor meal my and the Quan Bomb were served LOBSTER!! WOW! You guys are thoughtful. Congrats again guys. You both have wonderful families. :)

Stay tuned as I will be having another 3 sessions posted in the next 2 days. :) For those of you waiting, your wait is almost up. In seriousness, I've NEVER been this busy. I've been to 10 states in the last 30 days and will be leaving for Seattle again this weekend. AHHHHHHHHH!! Love what I do, wouldn't do anything else. Airline foods is bad.

Cheers folks.


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tichenor :: Professional Realty

Husband and wife team, Lisa & Jonas Tichenor, (Tish-ner) came to me needing some company branding photos along with head-shots for the company. I'm finding that brand photography is very satisfying work. Though my first love is wedding photography, it's a great break every now and then to explore other parts of the world of photo. Being creative with creative people is REALLY cool. Both Jonas & Lisa were news reporters and Jonas is actually an award-winning broadcast journalist. Let's make some magic.

Purpose for the shoot was to have professional images for their marketing. Cards, mailers, pamphlets and everything web. I think we got somewhere guys. :) The session wasn't complete without some fun shots of them as a family just being them. The little darling is their daughter Abigale. SUCH a ham.

Thanks for the look see everyone. Happy Tuesday.


You want concepts? How's this?

Of course I got one of them with out the plants in front of their faces. Not nearly as awesome though. ;)
In my top 10 most favorite family portraits. Dead serious.

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