Friday, August 21, 2009

Business branding :: Brarakah Life

Something different from the norm for me and your viewing pleasure. I had the opportunity to shoot for "Barakah Life", (blessed, happy life) . The company sells childrens crafts, textiles, Islamic art and other goods focused to the Muslim community. The purpose for the shoot was to produce some product shots, head shots and establishing some brand identity. Images will be used for printed publication, trade show work and all things web.
Special thank you to our children models who did an exceptional job! :)

Had a great time making magic Khadija. You put in a ton of work getting things together and the final images here really show. MAGIC. I wish you and your company MUCH success. Enjoy the shots everyone and happy Friday!


Location here was AWESOME. My secret ;)

She is a peaceful, warm soul. I felt these images really capture her person.
What she does best. :)


Jerry Gomez said...

simple, but amazing..

Na'ima B. Robert said...

I love these!! They are absolutely stunning! She was fortunate to have found you. I think you have really done her and the products justice.

Door51 Photography said...

I absolutely LOVE this set. Creative, playful, and colorful! Very nice, Sam!

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