Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Jessica & Cory :: Engaged


Meet tonight smokin couple. Jessica & Cory say their I-do's in just a few weeks this Sept. If Cory played a movie role, it would be the silent cool guy. Hilarious story on how these guys hooked up. Long story short, Cory, known cool guy, used the most awesome line and totally sent Jessica the other direction. Cool guys get all the girls though, so fast forward a few weeks and guess who's hangin on cool guys arm? **wishes I was a cool guy**

Big ups to my VERY good buddy Mondo for coming to help on this one. Mondo isn't even a photographer but whenever he gets a chance to be around a girl, he takes it. Yeah, he's single. :P
Another thank you to Dolores for helping out as assistant as well. Drove all the way from the valley to be a part. You both are awesome. Sweep the leg.

Jessica & Cory, you guys rock. Wedding will rock more. Enjoy the shots folks. :)


annnnnnd cue negative space.
Annnnnd cue arm wrestling match
annnnnd cue hot chic, cool guy.
So Cory must sell drugs as well. Seriously, many rabbits could be fed with the carats represented here.

cue smoke.


travisthepinata said...

nice use of the SILO's buddy.. looks like you finally learned something from me you ole dawg ! I guess you can teach you some new tricks ! - really nice set bud. saved a few in my copycat.... er... inspiration folder!

Nick said...

Wow again Sam! What a nice engagement shoot! LOVE the smoke shot! You nailed it again! Just wow man! What a great job!!!

diana moore said...

Just saw these. Love the smoke shot! Thanks for doing such a great job! coryzmom

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