Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sarah & Clay :: Engaged

Sarah is small, Clay is massive. During our session together we broke for lunch. Sarah and I each had a sandwich. Clay ate corn only. Serious.

These 2 love birds hitch the beginning of October at Oak Farm Vineyards in Lodi Ca. Everything looks to be set wonderfully. Historic Pleasanton was our backdrop for this awesome engagement session. Lots of laughs and fun. I loved their outfits. Those who will be shooting their engagement session soon, take notes. These guys have style. Love it.

Before the week is out, you will have seen another 2 weddings and small commercial session from me. Stay tuned y'all. Happy Wednesday.


Do they? We'll never know. ;)


Ashley's Blog said...

SO adorable! Congrats you two!! I LOVE your pictures! Sam is such an amazing photographer!!!

Janell said...

Those are AMAZING, Sam! You're photography seems to be getting impossibly better and better!
I'm so excited for the wedding!!!

Nicks said...

Sam! You are the best photographer in the world! These photos are incredible! I absolutely WOW'ed! Nice couple too! Congrats to them!!! Can't wait for the wedding photos!

alli:) said...

AWE! You two are the cutest couple ever! Sam you did so good, i always like your work!

Sara Pizarro said...

Sarah and Clayton, you two make a beautiful couple, congrats! Sam, you are the 'AWESOMEST' photographer ever and you did awesome work with this shoot!

Lizard said...

These are great pix! Congrats to Sarah & Clayton! Sam, Clayton wasn't kidding when he said they had the best photographer! Awesome work!

Liz Ruby
N Little Rock, Arkansas

Clayton Bradley Wyatt said...

He lied. He ate curry.

Anonymous said...

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