Saturday, May 28, 2011

San Jose Wedding Photographer :: Jeanine & Neal

From the 150+ weddings I've shot, if you were to ask me WHO was the easiest going couple, it would be HAVE to be Jeanine and Neal. Their engagement session was amounst my most favorite of last year. We car washed, we swam, we LICKED! This time we licked and wedding bells rang.

BIG thanks to Scott Mosher for helping out on this gig. You're help is appreciated. Always. Also wanted to say thank you to Diane & Robert for refereeing these guys to me in the first place. OH, guest who has a new baby. :)

Congrats guys. Wedding was a blast. Lets do a post wedding session! We can continue the tradition and end with a lick. CHEERS!

Happy Saturday bloggies!


love this layout.

Yeah, this is something the do. :)
annnnnd again. :D

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sacramento Senior Photographer :: Whitney

" Hey Sam!"

Hey Whitney!"

Can we shoot my session at a petting zoo?"

"Like, YEAH!"

She didn't want an ordinary backdrop. She's not an ordinary girl. Whitney, you were a pleasure to shoot for. Thank you for the AWESOME suggestion for our backdrop. I can't take credit here folks. This is all Whitney. :) Hope you love em. Your family seemed extremely proud of you and any parent would be blessed to have a daughter with such a creative, honest and wonderful soul. Loved shooting for you.

If you're a soon to be grad, hit me up for a senior shoot. We can do your session HERE
Book early for next year if you'd like prime shoot dates.

Cheer folks! Happy Wednesday!


Monday, May 23, 2011

S.F. Engagement Session :: Carlee & Stan

White guys!!! Dude, all the Asians are takin your chicks!

Carlee and Stan met in the military. Stan was her boss, (commander/ambassador/chief or something). Dating was prohibited if you commend over or are being commanded over in the military. She asked to be moved, they began dating. :D
YES, they are as carefree as the images showcase. LOVED shooting for them and will be BACK to do it again towards the end of the year. Must thank my buddy Jared Alvarez for the referral. Not only a fellow photographer but a fellow solider on the battle fields of Call of Duty, (who wants some!!? Xboxlive username :: Samsauce). I count Jared as among my best of friends.

Shot all this in the City. Will be going there twice this week. Woooohooo!!

Happy Monday erbody.


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