Monday, May 2, 2011

San Jose Engagement Photos :: Jayme & Kenny


Enter Jayme & Kenny. Isn't the color on this set crazy. I love it. I wish I could say I was smart enough to plan it all this way. It just worked out. :)
These two were a barrel of laughs. During the shoot I wanted to do a shot I was reminded of another couple while setting up. Bout 10 minutes later, we run into Andrea & Rusty, the VERY couple we were talking about!! :D

They will be marring at the ever awesome Casa Real in Pleasanton. Been there many times and always impressed by the stellar job they do handling weddings. Can't wait!!

Plan on doing a fair bit of blogging this week. Plan for a post almost every day this week. :D Happy Monday folks!

I love you all........



Lisa Rhinehart said...

Sam these are amazing, as always. Love the creativity, color, symmetry, emotion and just overall vibe of the shoot. Excellent work. You stand in a class of your own, my friend. ;)

veli said...

awesome as always ... :)

Adi J said...

It's a world class photographer work, i wish can be like you someday :)

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