Saturday, May 28, 2011

San Jose Wedding Photographer :: Jeanine & Neal

From the 150+ weddings I've shot, if you were to ask me WHO was the easiest going couple, it would be HAVE to be Jeanine and Neal. Their engagement session was amounst my most favorite of last year. We car washed, we swam, we LICKED! This time we licked and wedding bells rang.

BIG thanks to Scott Mosher for helping out on this gig. You're help is appreciated. Always. Also wanted to say thank you to Diane & Robert for refereeing these guys to me in the first place. OH, guest who has a new baby. :)

Congrats guys. Wedding was a blast. Lets do a post wedding session! We can continue the tradition and end with a lick. CHEERS!

Happy Saturday bloggies!


love this layout.

Yeah, this is something the do. :)
annnnnd again. :D


Sergio said...

Always always AWESOME!!!

~leah~ said...

She looks so happy! The engagement session was one of my favorites from you.

Tina @ wedding favors said...

Really Really Great capture of moments. I like every single of the photography.

Pittsburgh Wedding Photographers said...

It is always nice to get a couple that are easy going. It's also nice to see such great wedding photography. You did a wonderful job with their wedding too. You captured the emotion and energy in the most perfect way.
Shaun David

Sunny Jesaitis said...

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