Monday, May 23, 2011

S.F. Engagement Session :: Carlee & Stan

White guys!!! Dude, all the Asians are takin your chicks!

Carlee and Stan met in the military. Stan was her boss, (commander/ambassador/chief or something). Dating was prohibited if you commend over or are being commanded over in the military. She asked to be moved, they began dating. :D
YES, they are as carefree as the images showcase. LOVED shooting for them and will be BACK to do it again towards the end of the year. Must thank my buddy Jared Alvarez for the referral. Not only a fellow photographer but a fellow solider on the battle fields of Call of Duty, (who wants some!!? Xboxlive username :: Samsauce). I count Jared as among my best of friends.

Shot all this in the City. Will be going there twice this week. Woooohooo!!

Happy Monday erbody.



Chelsea said...

Always good. You never cease to amaze.

Ben W. said...


Justin B. said...

Well done!

Anon*RN said...

Fabulous as always - capturing the joy and spirit of the moment! SF as a backdrop is always a win too - congrats to the happy, adorable couple!

Mealy said...

Loyal stalker here.....Love the polaroid shot, the steam/man hole cover shot and the tattoo shot. You're ridiculously awesome. I dont get sick of saying it!

NP4kids said...

Wow Sam these blow my mind, especially the first one with the birds and the one with the rain, then the tat, wow-- mad skillz.

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