Sunday, March 29, 2009

Erika & Perrin :: Engagement

Meet a SLAMIN couple with just so much sass together. Erika and Perrin met in collage if I remember right. Gonna be hitched here in a couple months. Our session was a blast. Awesome couple + my cameras = allagoodtimeandstuff. What else can I say. You two are perfect. Erika, you gonna make a stunning bride. Perrin.....dude, your so smooth AND you know it :)

Hint to photographers. If you're nice to people, (specifacally resturant mangers) anyone will help you get the shots you have visions for. Never hurts to ask and the results can be stunning. I'm referring to the resturant scene towards the end. :) Cheers everyone and Happy Monday.


Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Hoffers :: Lifestyle session

He's getting to be quite the regular around here isn't he. I even lost a wedding to Tony this year from an out of state bride who saw a link to his site I I posted a few weeks back. If I ever lose out to anyone, I don't mind when it's Tony. :) If he was an egg he'd be grade A. If he was a crab, he'd be king crab. If he was a jail, he'd be Alcatraz. Well, that last one didn't work so well but all I'm sayin is Tony is a cool dude. That said, I don't know how someone sooooo ugly could score a girl like Amy. There is some serious short straws going on here. (ikeed, ikeed)

So why did I shoot them? In short, they weren't too thrilled with their own wedding photos and wanted to get something photographers RARELY get, good pictures on themselves. I hope I dig good Hoff.

Check out Tony and Amy's wedding work here. They are seriously taking over the east coast with their mad skills and I'm just glad they are there and not here. Cheers my friend. Enjoy the shots guys.

My man Quan helpin out. ;)

A very San Francisco shot.

The signs are real. I ordererd them just for this shoot. :)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Photos of Photographers

About a dozen of us Bay Area Ca. photogs got together for a studio shoot out just a few days ago. Why? I dunno, why not? Really though, it was a workshop of sorts. The studio was INCREDIBLE! 6th floor in the Mission District of S.F. Great find Maurice. We had NO MODELS. Why? We were the models. The objective of the day was to feeeel what our subjects feel. It was uncomfortable and awesome at the same time. It was uncawesome. You photographers that follow my blog, find your local circle and do one of these. You just HAVE to. Soooooo fun.

We also had the special privilege of having the incomparable Mr. Evan Baines join us in the fun. Evan flew from Tennesee to be with us slubs of Nor-Cal. We also shot a wedding together the next day. By the looks of things I've seen from Evan so far, Diane & Robert have a killer set of wedding images coming their way. Evan, thank you for joining us, my respect for you has grown tremendously being in your company the last few days. Well done sir.

So enjoy the shots all while knowing that we were ALL freaked out by doing what YOU do for us. Everyone say cheese.


Maurice got a lot of my camera time. He just knows what to do. Your a pure stud M
Chris Cooke cookin

Ms. Cathy :) Pure sweetheart.
I introduce to you.........Mr. Baines

Scott Shoemake. Nominated as most easy to photograph. I LOVE this shot.
Bryan Stapleton, He left early to go to work. You suck. Beeyaman.
Mr. Pingol. Ironic how I shot this with only natural light :) The guy is a legend with lights.

Dan from tinywater photography. Him and his wife Caroline are BEAST!
Caroline, Dan's better half.
Stephanie Baker looking lovely. Giving all the Vally Togs a run for their money. She is seriously talented.
M again, (I like em both)

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