Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Stella & Baby Mikaela

Drum roll please.........for the first time ever, Hassas does a baby session. **crowd roars, everyone does the wave**
Congrats to Stella and the whittle, cutie patutee, rollie pollies, (me sounding like a dunce while talking to babies) baby Mikaela. Session was fun! Challenging as well. Wow! Babies answer to no one. Kinda the fun in shooting them however. Nothing is planned or rehearsed. I decided my approach should be to just shoot the cuteness. How'd I do? I think they turned out rather nicely.

Lots of sessions coming up. I've been a busy bee. Gonna be a good ride. Enjoy the show y'all


Mine does this too. Doesn't look near as cute though. (Yeah, I went there)

She did this right after Stella, (mommy) told her she was gonna take her to Sears for her next photo shoot. Yeah, I'd cry too.


Graceful Threads said...

nice! You should consider shooting more children and babies..

Asim Soofi said...

You go boyyyyeee! Just leavin' some blog luv ;)

Monica Hassas said...

Beautiful pics as always! Wish I had some of JP. :(

-quan said...

nice butt shot sam! hahaha

Kevin Lam said...

Nice work Sam! I just did my first baby shoot too coincidentally! Everything you say is true, they do not answer to anybody!

Mandy Charmaine said...

Loved the pictures!!

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