Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Hoffers :: Lifestyle session

He's getting to be quite the regular around here isn't he. I even lost a wedding to Tony this year from an out of state bride who saw a link to his site I I posted a few weeks back. If I ever lose out to anyone, I don't mind when it's Tony. :) If he was an egg he'd be grade A. If he was a crab, he'd be king crab. If he was a jail, he'd be Alcatraz. Well, that last one didn't work so well but all I'm sayin is Tony is a cool dude. That said, I don't know how someone sooooo ugly could score a girl like Amy. There is some serious short straws going on here. (ikeed, ikeed)

So why did I shoot them? In short, they weren't too thrilled with their own wedding photos and wanted to get something photographers RARELY get, good pictures on themselves. I hope I dig good Hoff.

Check out Tony and Amy's wedding work here. They are seriously taking over the east coast with their mad skills and I'm just glad they are there and not here. Cheers my friend. Enjoy the shots guys.

My man Quan helpin out. ;)

A very San Francisco shot.

The signs are real. I ordererd them just for this shoot. :)


jason said...

There is a certain human quality in your work that is rare to find these day. Your work is definitely one of the photographers that I follow. Man I would really love to join forces with you and Tony for some old fashion world annihilation ;)

Sam Hassas said...

^^^^^^^Sam = crying

THANK YOU Jason. Y'all have no idea how beast Jason is.


akwoo said...

awesome lifestyle session, such huge variety in poses and even outfit changes. lots of time went into this one. top work.

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