Sunday, December 30, 2007

Jesse & Lynna

I can't think of two people that were more in love then these two. I probably get more compliments from the photos out of this session then any other that I have taken. I think the reason is because of the natural chemistry that comes from them. They really love each other.
We couldn't have gone wrong with the choice of location. San Francisco is amazing during sunset.
We first went to the pier, and walks that streets a bit down Broadway and then did a wardrobe change and hit the beach just before sundown with khakis and sandals, (I love that look on the beach). We even manage to get a few shots at the Palace of fine arts just across the street from the beach we were at. The sunset couldn't have been nicer. The Golden Gate has to be the world's most perfect back drop.

Being a native here in the Bay Area you really forget all the awesome place to go. We really have the best of a lot of worlds here. Want to see the ocean beach? You have a pick of about 6 all within 30 miles. Yosemite is just a stones throw away. There's Lake Tahoe, Napa Valley etc. I could go on. For the local yokels, enjoy what we have cause we got it pretty good.

Seth & Jamie

I was able to assist my good buddy Scott Shoemake, (Scott Andrew Photography) in a wedding a few weekends ago. Awesome bridal party who were a lot of fun. I couldn't stop shooting this cutie, (flower girl) the whole time I was there. Really makes things fun when there are a least 10 in a party. Lots of creativ things to do.

I really got carried away with details on this one. I was second shooter so I had the ability to branch off. Note to anyone planning a wedding, always try and have your photographer bring a second shooter. Even if it's a couple hundred bucks more it's sooooooo worth it. When Scott and I are done with a wedding we have over 2,000, (thats right 2,000) shots altogether. I know some who take over 4,000!! Having too many of one shot is not a problem. Not getting the one is. Enjoy.

Larry & Tracy

These two found me through Leah West, (thanks Leah) and were in need of a photographer for their big day. We did an engagement shoot at Filoli Gardens, (Redwood City, never even knew it was there). This place is AWESOME. It's up in the hill just off the 280 freeway as your going to S.F. Very recommended for any botanical lover. Fruits and flowers like I've never seen. They even have a cafe for tea and sandwiches during lunch time. Just lovely.
On their wedding day the were married at Truevine Baptist church and the ceremony was preformed by Tracy's father who pastors a church in San Jose. Everything was sweet and the reception was just lovely. you guys were made for each other. Congrats again guys!

Girl, Guy, Girl

Sarah,(no glasses) approached me with the idea of presenting her mom with a framed photo collage of her and her siblings. Christmas was coming up and these three thought mom would want nothing more then having a gift she could cherish forever rather then chocolate, fruitcake or fuzzy slippers, (I got a pair this year, matter of fact the same person got me fuzzy slippers last year!! No joke)

We decided to do a park theme and they agreed on letting me be creative with a "mischief" them for the shoot. Dillon was an awesome sport and allowed his two older sister to pile leaves on him but in the end he got his revenge with the beach ball shoot. We managed to also get some traditional stuff and overall had a great session.
Christmas day I get a text from Sarah, and she said her mom sobbed when she say the pictures. She said it was the BEST Christmas gift she'd ever received. Made my day! Enjoy the shots.

Gets in trouble for hitting sisters. Classic.

Pastor Shoemake and family

I had the distinct privilege of taking family portraits for my Pastor and his family. If you've ever been to Sis. Tasha's home then you know 2 things about her. 1, she loves her kids. 2, she loves pictures of her kids. Lots of baby stuff, B&W, really beautiful stuff, (she really appreciates good photography). Well on this occasion it was time to get shots of the whole family. If I remember correctly the last time they had any done was 10 years ago or so.

We had a great session and they laughed at everything I said which brought out awesome expressions and genuine smiles. Who says you can't have fun at a family photo session!!

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