Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Corinthian Grand Ballroom Wedding :: Meghan & Craig

A new years wedding!?


And it June!?


Enter Meghan & Craig. Meghan & Craig threw the baddest, craziest MOST HYPE New Year Wedding anyone will ever go to. Yes, that good.....
It all went down at the Corinthian Grand Ballroom in San Jose. Wedding ceremony itself was at the St. Joesph Cathedral in Downtown San Jose as well. If you ask me both were the perfect backdrop for this incredible black-tie wedding.
Meghan & Craig were brought my way via Jessica & Cory who's wedding I shot back in 2009 (peeeeaast! ***whispers*** Jessica is pics of their maternity session soon to come). Saw lots of friends that were made from our last party with this crazy group of people. This wedding had EVERYTHING. Should note that Meghan is an event planner by day so if things look too perfect, you understand why. Just about everything you see is her vision. So good.

Want to say THANK YOU to Jared Alvarez for coming out as second shooter on this wedding. My man kills it every time. BIG grats again you two. Everything was just marvelous. On with the show.....

Happy Wednesday folks!


just enough smile, love this.Baha!! Love.
the dudes....
the dudettes...

air guitar.
dad see's his girl the first time...... WHAT a special picture.

Wow, girl.


Okay, here we goooooooo!

you can feel it....

Okay, some background. Craig sings Sweet Caroline at just about every wedding, party, GTG, karaoke night, shower he is given the opportunity. Just before take stage, he announced he'd be hanging it up and THIS would be his final performance. This one was for Meghan.


A tribute shot. ;)
Singing "We are a family"


BOOM! confetti. ...should old acquaintance be forgot and na ba tam mah nann, (admit it, you don't know the words either)
it was epic......

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