Tuesday, June 7, 2011

San Fransisco Engagement :: Kristen & Mike

I've shot in San Fransisco 4 dozen times. Hard to believe I'd never once considererd shooting at Haight/Ashbury. Saw lots of graffiti, dreadlocks and was even propositioned to purchase some medical marijuana, (true story). WHY HAVE I WAITED SO LONG!?
Kristen & Mike will be marring in San Fransisco so it seemed the correct backdrop for their engagement session. Really fun peeps here. Wedding is in just a couple months!
Team Hassas will be shooting there as well.
I will be turning 33 in just 2 days!! When I do I'll be on the beaches of ....wait for it...HAWAII!!

Happy Tuesday everyone!



Jerry said...

Yummy light! One day I'll move to Cali.

BEVS said...




Anonymous said...

Agree with Jerry, San Fransisco was made for you're style.

Mealy said...

So many dangflam cool shots in this set!! Love the bike frame photo and the street performer!! Your creative is just ridic!

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