Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas.

I love you Monica, Ethan & Jon-Paul.

To all my friends and family, (I don't have clients, only friends), have the GREATEST CHRISTMAS EVER!

Happy Birthday Jesus.


Felicia & Rich :: Vancouver B.C., Canada Engagement Session

My 3 most favorite things in the world are my Wife, my boys and maple syrup. I can't say in what order though. I loves the syrup. Yay Canada!

Went to Canada for a couple days a few weeks ago to shoot this. Everyone meet Felicia & Richard. They are awesome AND they like maple syrup. These guys love each other. Come on, LOOK at the pics! Like bread and butter these 2. How great is this, Rich will be getting his Ph.D. in 6 short months. Dude already has a Masters in Engineering. Show off. ;) Felicia has a Master in Hottie. True story.

Thanks so much for having me guys. I had a blast. Dinner the night before was wonderful. I had yam fries for the first time. Also, HUGE, HUGE thanks to Cyler of White Apple Weddings, (such a cool name), for help as assistant on this session. This guy rescheduled a flight just to be with us. All the behind the scenes shot were taken by him. THANK YOU CYLER.

It's Christmas EVE!!!!


I love this so much.

My wifes favorite shot I've ever taken. Her true words.

Behind the scenes by Cyler of White Apple Weddings

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Melissa & Joe :: Wedding at the Palm Event Center, Pleasanton Ca.

Melissa & Joe were sittin in a tree..... K-I-S-S-I...forget it.

So I've been pumpin em out here recently. This has to be a blog record month.

**announcer voice** Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the newly married Melissssssssa & Joooooooe. **crowd roars**

Wedding was set at the, always awesome, Palm Event Center, (who recently contacted me about using images in their presentation to engaged couples from a past wedding I did there. YAY ME! Thanks Michelle) Melissa and Joe were married in the Estate Room at the Palm Event. Such an elegant room. You'll also remember these guys from their engagement session we did at the Castle de Amorosa.

Big ups to Quan D for help once again as second shooter. Me and Quan are family anymore. I got top bunk! Congrats again guys. Y'all are cool in my book. Friends and family, feel free to offer a congrats to the newlyweds. You'll get a free toaster from here if you do.

Happy Wednesday.

Quan's shot
Quan's shot
Quan's shot
Quan's shot

Monday, December 21, 2009

Amanda & John :: San Jose Engagement Session

I told her she could be Courtney Cox's stunt double, yeah?

Everyone meet Amanda & John. Does John look like a cop? Well he is and he makes police officer 7 for me. :) Fun folks! Fun session and just in time before the leaves disappeared completely. You guys are magic together. Look out for them to be in full wedding garbs July of next year. Weddings gonna be at the Palm Dale Estates. Love that place!

Friends, family and fellow bloggians, (thats people from the planet blog), feel free to use the comment bar below to congratulate this awesome couple. Happy Monday guys.

Why, hello Amanda.
For my friend Tony the Hoff.

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