Thursday, December 24, 2009

Felicia & Rich :: Vancouver B.C., Canada Engagement Session

My 3 most favorite things in the world are my Wife, my boys and maple syrup. I can't say in what order though. I loves the syrup. Yay Canada!

Went to Canada for a couple days a few weeks ago to shoot this. Everyone meet Felicia & Richard. They are awesome AND they like maple syrup. These guys love each other. Come on, LOOK at the pics! Like bread and butter these 2. How great is this, Rich will be getting his Ph.D. in 6 short months. Dude already has a Masters in Engineering. Show off. ;) Felicia has a Master in Hottie. True story.

Thanks so much for having me guys. I had a blast. Dinner the night before was wonderful. I had yam fries for the first time. Also, HUGE, HUGE thanks to Cyler of White Apple Weddings, (such a cool name), for help as assistant on this session. This guy rescheduled a flight just to be with us. All the behind the scenes shot were taken by him. THANK YOU CYLER.

It's Christmas EVE!!!!


I love this so much.

My wifes favorite shot I've ever taken. Her true words.

Behind the scenes by Cyler of White Apple Weddings


Suwandi Tandrin said...

nice...... a great shoot... i like the reflection on the water :) wonderful

Cyler Parent said...

Awesome set. It was great to come hang out. I am definitely heading back to that location first chance I get. Thanks for the blog linkage.

Paul Charette said...

Great stuff Sam. I lol'd at the shot of you on the ground surrounded by seagulls.

When I get you up here I will definitely set you up some maple syrup. I've got the syrup connection. For real.

To you and your family, have an excellent Christmas and a rockin' new year.

~Moi~ said...

The sunset shot on the bridge and the "It's a wonderful life" shot=simply amazing!!! I think this is one of my most favorite engagement sets of Hassas Photography to date!

Angelika said...

Wow! Beautiful! Felicia and Richard are friends of mine...linked to your blog o see your work and I see awesomeness!!!Looks like they picked out a great photographer! Cheers and Merry Christmas!

Jesse Willoughby said...

I can totally feel the fun and love from these pics. Great shots Sam. Rich and Felicia really look like they're having a blast. Love the harbor snap shots.

Jacqueline said...

Your wife's favorite shot is now official my all time favorite shot ever. Maybe because of the sappy love story movie story but hey I'm a sucker for those things!!! I like how your Hassa Logo looks like its on the Wonderful Life picture too. Almost like you took that picture too! Love it!!!


Jennifer Connell said...

It's a wonderful life: AWESOME shot! I love it! Also, love your Christmas post, your boys are getting so big. Such cuties! Have a Happy New Year!

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