Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Lauren & Nathan :: The Ranch Golf Club Wedding

Golf balls and golf clubs and pears oh my.

How's that for the cheesiest intro EVA!

Such a stunning couple. Seriously, they have model quality. Lauren, you were a magazine bride. Nathan, your a stud man. Loved the wedding and all it's particulars!

Might remember this sweet couple from their engagement session a good while ago now. We came full circle and these guys decided to get hitched at the The Ranch Golf Club in South San Jose. Sweet place. Wonderful light and a pleasant group of family and friends to join in on the celebration. Didn't figure on getting your set done till after Christmas guys. How's that for an early gift!? Merry Christmas.

Among my very best of photographer friends, the very talented, Maurice Ramirez came out to shoot along side me. I don't dare call him a second shooter. His take was just so good. NEVER have I posted THIS many shots from the other shooter on my blog. Too many good ones not to include. THANK YOU M. I owe you! Lauren & Nathan didn't know what hit em.

I LOVE this time of year!! Enjoy the shots and leave some blog love with a comment below. Free dutch rubs for all that do. Inquire within.


YES, we started at Santana Row.

Shot by Maurice

Shot on right by me, shot of Nathan on left by Maurice.
Shot by Maurice

Shot by Maurice

A complete candid of Lauren. She just doesn't take a bad shot. AWESOME

Shot by Maurice

Shot by Maurice

Shot by Maurice


The man, the myth the M.


Red Vine Studios said...

Maurice and Sam = the best team I've seen. They rival the Quan ladder.

The Memory Journalists said...

Absolutely stunning! Fantastic couple, terrific details and stellar photographers! Nice work, guys!

Shannon Purcell said...

Absolutely stunning and gorgeous. Pure art in those photos! As a new photographer I respect your work and am very inspired by it.

Eric said...

Awesome stuff guys. Love it.

Brian Gross : Photographer said...

I had to google what a dutch rub was lol...anyway you guys made a great creative team and the images speak for themselves. Congrats to the lucky couple!

Cathy (and David) said...

Amazing images! If I had to pick a favorite, it would be the shot of the bride holding the groom's face. But I love all of the detail shots and candids. Great work!

Libby said...

Beautiful work. Love the red wall shot here. Adding you to my list of pleasing sites to visit.

Chris Shepard said...

Great stuff... as usual!

alex said...

theres some great shots in there!

alex said...

theres some great shots in there!

elena w said...

what an AMAZING way to tell their love story. Awesome images!

T said...

What an incredible job! Absolutely breathtaking.

T said...

Incredible. These photos take my breath away.

Tim Halberg said...

looking for examples from the Ranch for our wedding tomorrow and found your post, great images!

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