Monday, October 20, 2008

Lauren & Nathan :: Engaged

"Gosh, she is beautiful, she's gonna make a gorgeous bride". Words my wife spoke as I was finishing with editing this couples pictures. Nathan, you're not too shabby yourself dude. This guy's got a jawline any man would kill for. GREAT looking couple!!

Started out at the Byington Vineyard & Winery. This was actually their idea. If I'm honest, going to a place chosen by my the client doesn't always result nicely. In their case it's results were AWESOME! I adored this place and now have a winery I can go to that isn't 2 hours away!! LOVED IT! Thanks for being such awesome sports with the crazy shots guys. See, I told you they'd look awesome.
We capped the evening by shooting in DT Los Gatos. We went to a few places of significance. The bridal shop Lauren got her dress from. The corner where Lauren & Nathan met, (B&W ring shot), the restaurant where Nathan got the thumbs up from Laurens Dad. By the looks of it, I think Dad gave the approval.
All around great session. See you guys in 09'!!

Enjoy the shots.



Vandyll said...

These are really some of the most fantastic engagement shots I have ever seen. Consider me a new subscriber to your blog.

Monica Hassas said...

Bravo, Baby! This couple is so beautiful - their pictures belong in Martha Stewart Weddings cover!

Monica Hassas said...

oops - ON the cover - so sorry. LOL

Anonymous said...

Sam -- you just get better and better this. Excellent session!

Jackie R.

ZenadiaDesign said...

Wow these are great shots! Love the one of the ring on the grapes and the one in front of the bridal shop!

Amanda Jacobs said...

InCREDible!! you are so SO good! WOW :)

Sam Hassas said...

^^^thanks for the comment love boys and girls. Defiantly looking forward to shooting their big day. Gonna be a nice venue as well. 09" look out!


Door51 Photography said...

Sam... I'm finding it difficult to say anything. These photos are as beautiful as the couple themselves.

I'm a huge fan of this entire set!

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