Thursday, October 30, 2008

Katie & Philip :: Wedding

Epic! Best way to describe this one. WOW!! You may remeber Katie & Philip from their engagement session I shot back in the summer. They are just the nicest folks. Meant for each other, really. Really wish they would have included more color to their wedding. I kid, I kid.....amazing or what? Lots of ooh and ahhh moments to this one. Airplane boys, the cutest flower girls, rockin wedding party. Take notes, this is how an outdoor wedding should be done.

Congrats guys, you had an awesome day and your album is gonna sing. Friends and family of Kate & Philip, feel free to leave a comment congratulation the new Bride and Groom. Take care and enjoy the pics.


Katie, you look radiant here.

Pure gold! The realization.....
The crowd reaction! Hahaha! I love weddings.

Maybe on Ebay?


The wait.....just the beginning :)


James Wilder said...

Sam you are the man... I'm sick of saying that. These photos are great. The wedding was... FUN! Kate & Philip, love you both.

This & That said...

Beautiful wedding. Beautiful couple. Love ya'll! Good work, Sam!

Jessica N. said...

Simply elegent! FYI: She wa even prettier in person!

Victor S said...

Great work Sam!
Your pictures are unique! Your consistency providing high quality images is amazing! Lucky the couples who have you as their photographer. You worth a lot more than what you charge, that's for sure! With that said, that ladder group shot looks like million bucks!:)
~Victor S

tawnibelle said...

Incredible pics Sam! I can't wait to see their album!

P&K - Beautiful wedding in decor, people and all the special touches you chose (mom & dad's song, philip's paper airplanes, etc...)

Carly said...

Awesome job Sam =) Katie and Philip the wedding was beautiful and so unique...just like the two of you;) I love you both...

Kendrea said...

Very beautiful photos... and such a unique wedding, Congrats to the new couple!!!!

Samantha and Stephanie said...

stunning...absolutetly stunning!

Monica Hassas said...

BEAUTIFUL! Hon, you really outdid yourself with this wedding. I would have to say this is my FAVORITE wedding you have done by far. Absolutely gorgeous!

Kate and Phillip - I am so sorry I missed your special day. The pics tell an amazing story, though.

aLLi said...

Ok all i have to say is WOW!

KAte: You look so beautiful! I love you so much!
Phillip: I love you! i think your the most awsome funniest cousin i could ask for!!!

Bro.Hassas: You are very good at what you do. I could seriously see these pictures in a Vouge magazine! The top one is AMAZING!

Sammy's Blog said...

You did an amazing job the shots are undescribable!! I had a fun time taking pics!!! I am so happy for you KAte and Phillip you guys are the best bro+sis eva!!

-Samantha Felt-

Anonymous said...

Uncle Same-
So Sad today that I wasnt able to be your second shooter.

workin on my 86 Corolla.

- Jack Move

Sam Hassas said...

^^^ahaha that's funny stuff right their. Y'all don't even know.

Thanks for all the kind words folks. Katie and Phil, congrats again. babies? At least 5 or 6. That would be in true Rock fashion.


Yokota Fritz said...

I spy... bicycles!

Great work.

You won't believe it -- the CAPTCHA text was 'talabagel.'

nattnee said...

Incredible. Gorgeous. Beautiful. Amazing. I'm lost for words. This is one of the most awesome wedding I've ever seen. Your work is just jaw dropping. Really love your stuff. I'm so glad my friend sent this on to me to have a look!

Shannon said...

Ok, this is the absolutely, positively most beautiful wedding and photography I've EVER seen! You did a splendid job of capturing their personalities, creativity & romance. I think they definitely chose the perfect photographer for this momentous, life-changing occassion! FANTABULOUS job, Sam. (Yes, these pictures demand new & creative adjectives to describe!

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