Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Post Wedding Sessions

One of the option I have in my packages is a post wedding session. So much is rushed on the wedding day that at times were not allowed the intimate, well thought out scenes that can be done in a post wedding session. In short, the bride and groom once again don the attire of their most special day and we hit the town for an hour or so and make some more magic. These extra images are a perfect cap for the album. If you're a current client or a past client, it's never too late to consider have a post session to seal you're memories.

A.J. & Mike~ Took them to downtown San Jose. As random as the waterpark shot is I love it. Will it go in the album? Probably not but it will make it to my blog. :) The black and white dancing shot is one of my all time favorite images I've ever done. LOTS of romance there.

Jesse & Lynna ~ Went to Standford U for their post session. he shot of Jesse spinning her was a copy from a shot we did during their engagement session. Love that! Lynna is such a pretty bride.

Jessica & Jimmy ~ Shot theirs at Santana Row. Been there before but did all new stuff in all new locations. The taxi shot ranks up there with the A.J. & Mikes dancing shot. One of my all time faves!!!!

Take care guys.


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Michelle, Queen of Everything said...

How post-wedding can the shoot be? Is it too late if it's eight years and twenty pounds later? I think attempting to wear my dress again might end in a tragic suffocation.

I'm bummed you weren't around back then to take our pictures.

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