Monday, October 13, 2008

Hernandez :: Family "Portraits" : Session

The Hernandez's are very close to my family. Mama bear, (Sonia) babysat Ethan for us on MANY occasion and to that we are eternally grateful. "Uncle Lobert" ,(my son has trouble with R's) is the the buff daddy in the session. Lastly, Hailey, Tyler and Fin wrap up this very awesome family.

Chose a fall theme for their shoot and the location was literally just up the hill from us. Had an hour+ session and cranked out quite a bit in a small amount of time. Thanks for the help holding reflecters and lights guys. They didn't know they were gonna be my assistants.

Time is winding down for getting you're family Holiday cards in time for Christmas. My cut off for getting proofs back in time to order cards etc is November 15. If you're session is scheduled after that day then, getting cards in time for the Christmas is very unlikely. Call or email me for you're session bookings.

Enjoy the shots.


Momma Bear and Papa bear. Hello!

The Outakes!!

"but I don't wanna smile mom!!"
Dog out of focus, Dad out of the shot. Let's do round 2.


Mary Frances said...

I like your work! It's got PERSONALITY!!! I have a writing blog, so feel free to come and check out my work! God bless you!

Jason & Leah said...

These are awesome! My favorite would have to be the one of Hailey crying... ;o)


Scott Andrew said...

dude sam, such a great set bro. what a cool family, but the dog rocks the house!

Sam Hassas said...


Funny, lots of folks told me that and I almost didn't include it in the proofs. Go figure.

Thanks bud. This was a awesome family so I didn't have to work too hard.


Monica Hassas said...

I love the pics of Auntie Sonna, Uncle Lobert, Layley, Tyler and scary Finn!

- Ethan

Amy and her little family said...

Hey I see that you love photography! I’m giving away an SLR Camera Strap on my blog if you are interested!

Amy O'Neal

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