Friday, October 7, 2011

Carly & Lucas :: X & O

In grade school I got a love note from a girl named Marla, my first ever I think. After smelling the note that was undoubtedly sprayed with her moms perfume I opened the origami package it came in, (raise your hand if you know what I'm talking about) I read it red cheeks. Not only did this Marly have a "DEEP" affection for yours truly, she also had the coolest last name a 3rd grader was allowed to have. Signed directly after "Marly" was "XOXOXOXOX". It was a few days later in an attempt to find out what Country one had to be from to have such a cool last name that I also learned X's & O's weren't just the 15th and 24th letters in the alphabet.

Carly & Lucas, may the wedding be awesome and many X's and O's fill your lives. Thank you for having me shoot the upcoming wedding. I ask that your balance with me be paid in helium filled gold balloons with letters spelling H-A-S-S-A-S for all the fans of our photography to have. We will then do a simultaneous send off on my birthday.


Happy Friday Blogger followers.


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