Thursday, July 28, 2011

London's Grace, American Eyes


What seemed to hit me the hardest was how aged everything was. The oldest of man-made architecture here in the States is only roughly 200 years old. London boasts a very rich history. Amazing really.

While there I saw, Water Lilies by Monet, a Banksy piece, the original Burberry store, red cars, red buses, red shoes, red lips and at the end caught a red-eye home.

London's Graces, American Eyes.

won't lie. when I heard I cried. I was a fan.

The gentleman on the right allowed me to shoot him and his Leica M9. Thanks for the portrait Dick. :) I hope to one day have this much swagger.

red. You won't need to be there more then 4 minutes to realize what color Brits love to accent with.

Perhaps my most favorite image of the trip. Saw the opportunity within 3 seconds of taking the shot. The gentleman in the rear of the bus flipped me off soon after.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Family Session in Wisconsin :: The Cauffmans

The Cauffmans are photographers. When a photographer needs a photographer for photography, things get crazy.

Folks always ask, "you mean they flew you to them just to have their photos taken?"



"Because it's important."

When it means the documenting of your loved ones and finally being IN the photos instead of behind the camera, yes it's that important. I know this feeling all too well. Having recently had my families photos taken, I understand how precious it is. Again, I count it the highest of honors to be shooting for other photographers.

Now....LOOK at this session. I love love LOVE it. When you shoot for photographers the backdrop is important. How amazing is the light and locations here. I don't get this look too often being in the City. Wisconsin is some beautiful country. We drove for a solid hour and couldn't believe how lush and green everything was. So different from the concrete-jungles of the S.F. Bay Area.

**Warning, ignorant city boy talking here**

SILOS! SILOS WERE EVERYWHERE and they are huuuuuuuge. I know, some of you are laughing at me. I was so fascinated by them. THOSE things are full of corn? HOW? So cool. So random to mention. So what.

Lastly, look at those babies. I swear I almost stole one and brought em' home. Aubrey, (big sissy) referred to me as Sam "the-Sauce" the days leading up and after our session. SO STINKIN CUTE. Ella, (lil sissy) was an angel and cooperated as well as I've ever seen a baby do. Nicole, (mom) has a very inspiring story as shes lost 50+ lbs the months and weeks leading up to our shoot. You looked fab Nicole. Lastly Mike, (daddy) will be joining us a student for this years Genesis workshop. Can't wait. :)

Cauffman's,.....your an amazing family. Thank you for having me in your home and allowing me to meet your family. We killed this one.

Happy Tuesday evening folks!!

P.S. - (I'm in-route to the U.K.!!!)

Love this so much.

Oh yeah. This was in Wisconsin.
One of my faves.


Awwwww again!

Kids were sent with Grandma and we had some hubby wifey time. :)

This would be MY new FB profile anyway. ;)


I love this family........

Monday, July 18, 2011

The Michigan Wedding :: Jennifer and John

I know what your thinkin...

I've also always wonder why they call them jumbo shrimp. They're SHRIMP......but their jumbo? Nah man, nah.

So yeah, a winter wedding and we're in July. Jennifer and John's wedding took place in Michigan, (my third wedding there) and I got snow to play with in the country. HUGE for me as I'm a city-boy in the Golden State. Jennifer is also a photographer which is a big honor. Thanks for the trust Jenn. You were a beautiful bride. Big thanks to the bridle party for putting up with the pic/snow shenanigans. It was cold to say the least.

Also want to thank Adam Sparkes for help as assistant on this wedding. Adam is a local yokel and was a big help as we treked through all the white stuff. You the man Adam. Thanks for helping and for shawarmas after.

Happy Monday blog world.


image on right inspired by Tony Hoffer.

Have the greatest life guys....

Behind the scenes. The things we go through. Whats worse is, we had to do this shot twice.

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