Tuesday, July 12, 2011

San Jose Engagement Photos :: Dawn & Vincent

Dawn - "We want something different"

Sam - "I got just the place"

First off Dawn is a photographer! Go check out her work here: Yellow Barn
Secondly they are Canadian. :) As a present to themselves for their anniversary, they flew in, (Toronto I believe) and booked a session with me. Not just any session though. Below are images produced during my "Rockstar" portrait session. We shot for over 4 hours. Amazing what you can accomplish when time isn't an issue. If you're a client with a session on the horizon and you want something like this email me. :)

The Backdrop

Dawn works for GM. What better place to shoot our session then a salvage yard for old vehicle. BIG thank you to Steve from GM Sports for the use of there restoration/salvage yard. You're a class act my friend. I still owe you that photo session sir.

This session banged on all 8 cylinders. No pun int....okay fine, it was intended.

I feel VERY rivileged when a photographer trust me to shoot for them. Honor above honors in my opinion. That said, MY family was photographed recently as well. Candice K was flown in recently to help me shoot not just one but TWO weddings a few weekends ago. While she was here, we had her take some shots of the entire family as I'm rarely on the other side of the lens. I LOVE THEM CANDICE. Thank you. Have a look everyone and if you're in the need for a fab photographer in the North Florida area, call Candice! :)

The Hassas Family

Happy Tuesday, (again)!!



A little backstory here. Dawn works for GM, (engineer I believe) She actually played a role in helping with newest model Camero. While in the yard we came up on this bad boy. A Camero years before any of us were born, (help me with the year all you car nuts).

A Behind the scenes shot. Dawn EARED ME!!! Well played girl.


Dawn said...

I totally eared you, muwahahahaa!!

Brian Gross said...

Ok I'm gonna feel a bit like a stalker commenting on two posts in one day but man...these are so good. The first one killed me again. Nice.

travis lancing said...

This is a high as it gets. Game over.

Priscilla J. Johnson said...


Anonymous said...

hes squeezing her butt!!! OMG FUNNY!

Sam Hassas said...

Thank you for the love guys. Exceptional images here. Credit to the couple for taking it up a notch with wardrobe and allowing for a creative location. TAKE NOTE ALL CURRENT COUPLES!! :D


Steve Natale said...

Amazing as always!

Steve Natale said...

Amazing as always Sam! Nice locations!

Justin B. said...

Aww, come on, moon shot!!??? Man, you're killin' it!

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