Friday, July 1, 2011

San Jose Engagement Photographer :: Emily & Simon

Emily & Simon y'all.....

These 2 will be hitching at a wonderful in Lodi called Wine & Roses, (was JUST there over the weekend shooting a wedding alongside photography extraordinaire - Candice K. peeeeast, she shot family pics for us while she was here. Coming soon!). These guys were fun, spunky and up for anything. Be prepared for similar during their wedding coming soon. :)

BIG thank you to Bess Friday for coming out and helping as assistant. You might remember Bess as a bride on my blog many months ago. She's following her dream. SO PROUD! Hop over to her blog when you get a chance. THANKS BESS!

Happy Friday guys!



Justin B. said...


Kelli U. said...

I came across your blog through someone else I know, and I just wanted to tell you that you have AMAZING photos. I love the compositions and creative use of space.

Great work! keep it up!

Reese M. said...

your work is so inspiring Sam...thanks for posting :)

Lesson Plans for Kids said...

Lovely photography and awesome pictures.

Anonymous said...

What great photos. Such a treat. Wish I could've been invited BUT I wasn't. But seeing these photos makes me feel like I was there. Cheers to both of you, and as Rihanna says, "Cheers to freakin' weekend!" kiss kiss

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