Tuesday, July 12, 2011

San Jose Engagment Session :: Julia & Jos

In search for Mr. Right she found Mr. Derecho, (right in Spanish)


Enter Julia
Julia is a local yokel here in the Bay Area While Traveling and studying in Europe, her travels brought her to Spain.
Enter Jos
Julia met josh at a bull fight. Were they both spectators? NO Jos was the bull fighter. After narrowingly dodging death-by-bull for the 800th time Jos spots Julia in the crowd and approc........okay none of that happened but come on!! How awesome would that have been!!?

YES, Jos IS from Spain and YES they did meet there. That much I do know. ;)
Just that bit alone is directly out of a romance novel guys. HUGE congrats on the engagement. You two were seriously fun to shoot for. They will be getting married at The Westin St. Francis San Francisco in just a couple months. Seriously becoming one of my most favorite places to shoot. The Westin is amongst the very best the Bay Area has to offer in my opinion. So incredibly awesome!
Look for at least 2-3 other blog posts this week everyone. As always, your patience is MUCH appreciated.

Happy Tuesday Folks!


samya said...

HA!!! These are FUN!

Brian Gross said...

I totally LOL'd at the superman shot! The first shot is super dope..would look awesome as a gigantic enlargement on the wall. Great stuff as usual playa.

Tara Bourne said...

AAAAAAMAZING stuff Sam-I LOVE every single one of these images!

Justin B. said...


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