Friday, February 13, 2009

Cassandra & Danny :: Wedding

Cassandra's dream has always been to have a winter themed wedding. I've always dreamed of shooting a wedding in the winter. Match made in heaven right? Seriously though, this wedding ranked high in style and class points. So awesomely trawesome. Look at that I made up my own phase. THAT'S how awesome it was.

The wedding took place in Lake Tahoe. Forecast said that we were NOT going to have snow on the wedding day. Boo-hoo, we really wanted it as it will create a creamy backdrop for the day. SURPRISE! The night before the wedding it came down good. The landscape was now PERFECT. Someones looking out for you guys.

Lots of really special details with this wedding as well. The tux Danny is wearing belonged to his departed father of recent years. His father was married in this exact tux. WOW. You looked quite dapper......Dan :P Cass the fur was brilliant. Everyone looked stunning. Thanks for not freezing over on me guys. Blue people are tough to Photoshop. Seriously, wind chill was like negative 300 I think.

A shout out to my homie, partner in crime, second shooter Patrick for helping out as second shooter on this one. This guy took lots of stuff I was thoroughly jealous of. Well done man. Cass & Dan, thanks for the awesome opportunity. You guys are so cool. Enjoy the new life together.



Never gambaled in their lives. We did it as a gag. She ACTUALLY won. Hahaha!

oh, this is just soooooo.

Arn't you glad it didn't say Dell. :) iKeed.
For me? Awwwww. First class treatment from these guys. We sat with everyone else.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Candice & Aubrey :: Engagement

All I read these days is how awesomely cold the rest of the world is right now. As I write this blog entry the temperature outside is 68 degrees. Ha! Gotta love Nor-Cal. Seriously, winter completely passed us by this year. Really though, I feel bad for all you non- Cali folks. I'll make sure to think about you while I sip my lemonade with a mini umbrella in it. :P

So I have the coolest clients and stuff. These guys are both scientists. How cool is that!? Candice & Aubrey will be tying the knot this March after..........wait for it.........10 years of dating!! They were pure fun. I think you'll see that in the images below. I think the Cali warmth is pretty evident as well. Actually, they don't know how good they've got it. Tony Hoffer is coming BACK to shoot this wedding with me as well. Long story on why but YAY for the couple. You have no idea. :)

Starting to see some light at the end of the tunnel in way of getting work done. Should see quite a bit of activity from me here soon. Enjoy the pics and come back soon!

~Hassas has the blogding.

Behind the scenes. Aubrey, holdin it down. YES! He climbed a tree to get the last shot. You da man my friend.

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