Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Ashley & Mike :: Wedding in Sacramento CA.

Ashley is no longer a Bunger, (her maiden name) nor in the U.S. :(
She IS married to a great guy however and lives in our Canada! :)
Great wedding you 2. Had a blast and met up with some old friends while shooting your big day. I knew from your engagement session your guys would be fun. Thanks so for having me. Much love to The Rock! Congrats again guys.

Big thanks to Nick Wilson for help as second shooter on this one. :)
Friends and family, please feel free to leave a note to the newlyweds. They will see your comment and I think they have the internet in Canada now.

Happy Thursday Folks!


This one felt sentimental as she knew she was leaving for another country. :(
Love this moment.

Love this.

The Excalibur.

Me, some twins and Nick.

I like how the boys look like human sconces on either side of the mirror. :P


pLn said...

the sentimental one is great:)
loved it much!

Luke Snyder Studio said...

holy cajoly. what a sweet set. my goodness. my favorites are between the groom and his boys in the mirror, or that groom by himself b/w. wow.

MissionsAngel said...

Another great shoot Sam! Ashley your wedding was just as beautiful as you are sweet! I was honored be apart of your day, everything was beautiful and came together well. I love the pictures!!! But hey Hassass where is the super man pics?????????? lol =)

Rev. and Mrs. Zotzman's Blog said...

AMAZING!!! WE LOVE THEM! THERE ARE SO MANY MORE THAT ARE AMAZING! It is going to be so hard just to pick a few! THANK YOU SO MUCH SAM! You are the best!!!

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