Thursday, December 10, 2009

Irma & Ryan :: Wedding at the Palm Event Center

*** Horns, Bugles, Trumpet*** My 150th post!

And what better way to celebrate then to present another super duper wedding.

Irma and Ryan came as a referral from a wedding I did waaaaaaaaaay back for Tu & Stacey, (whom is preggers mind you, congrats!). They decided to tie the knot at the fabulous Palm Event Center in Pleasanton CA. Good times, laughs, dancing and a fun bridal party. Thanks for bringing the awesome guys. Hope your first Christmas as a married couple is most memorable.

BIG thanks to my home skillet, (slang for good friend) Rob of nLighten Images for help as second shooter. You always come through brotha.

Happy Friday Everyone!

Shot on right from Rob.

Rob's shot.


Stephanie Osborne said...

Love the shots of the ladies, the light is just gorgeous! The shot of the groom and his boys with the lighting from the side... wow love this.

Mathew said...

In first picture image background is superb..Really i am impressed.

wedding decorations and wedding cakes Writer

fer juaristi said...

rocking wedding Sam! the guys pics are just insane!

Graeme. said...

I don't even know where to begin with these images.

You win. Tapped out.

Luke Snyder Studio said...

OMG. your ratio of awesome shots to awesome shots you post on your blog equals nothing but INCREDIBLE during the day. You must be so BUSY during your weddings. That cave door wedding party pose is just spectacular. Way to go!

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