Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Diane & Rob :: Engagement

Diane & Rob will be getting married this March at my favorite venue in the East Bay. The Palm Event Center is just beautiful. I shot Adam & Nicoles wedding there last summer. Love it there.

Diane & Rob were pretty much the easiest folks in the world to shoot. I wished I looked as good as Rob does when sportin a 5'oclock shadow. I end up scaring people when I do that. Took them to downtown Pleasanton and a country/city session. Worked out very well.

This is also the very first, (posted) engagement session I've done with my new camera the 5Dmark2. I'm in love folks. Seeing how car buffs name their cars at times, I'm gonna name my camera. I came up with "Shelly". Not sure why, just looks like a Shelly. Regardless her name, Shelly is awesome.

Big thanks to Janna for helping out with assisting during our session. I was able to grab some behind the scenes with her. (still waiting for the ones of me laying on the ground :)

Congrats you 2. Enjoy the pics.


Janna, checking lighting and posing for me. Not sure who she imagined kissing in the first shot ;) **kidding Janna**


Jennifer said...

Awesome pics, Sam. Loved how you named your camera. I name my stuff too. =) Also, do you have any openings this spring? I'd like to get my senior pics taken..


Jen Connell

Kari said...

Does Shelly shoot nikons?

The Photegé said...

Gorgeous stuff! I absolutely love the way he's looking at her in the (toast) image and the shadow shot.
I found your blog by accident one day and have been hooked ever since! You are extremely creative and talented! :)

Mieng Saetia said...

Hi Sam, I discovered your blog and work through a friend of mine, Jason Lee. I wanted to let you know that I think your work is really good! I really like your compositions and choice of light that you put your subjects in. Keep up the awesomeness!

Sam Hassas said...

Thank you guys.

@Jennifer - email me sweetie:

@Kari - Shelly loathes Nikons :)

@Mieng - A friend of Jason's is a friend of mine. The dude is too much talent.

Justin B. said...

Fantastic set, Sam!

The Memory Journalists said...

Wow! Well done! I love the shot of the ring on the mushroom!

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