Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tanya & Marius :: Wedding

You'll remember this couple from their engagement session a few weeks back. Tanya & Marius, you guys know how to put on a show. What a GRAND wedding! Marius is a photographer himself and working for other photographers is VERY cool. Reason being, they already have an appreciation for what we do. They gave us a generous amount of time to shoot group shots. (take note brides, these spectacular group formals are a result of being given a good cushion on time to shoot multiple poses.) The ideas just kept coming, I love it. Marius my friend, YOU have a beautiful wife. Inside and out. :)

Their wedding was in traditional Romanian style. It reminded me a lot of how Catholic services move. Lots of ceremony and tradition. This was my first real contact with Romanians and they were very VERY sweet people. Very kind and thoughtful of us. The food was REALLY good as well. Think Mediterranean.

My buddy Tony Hoffer came out all the way from Philly to shoot this one with me. Tony, I want to openly say you taught me bucket loads over that weekend. Not only a VERY talented photographer but a genuinely nice guy as well. I see a few more shoots in the near future with him :) He was NOT a second shooter for me. This wedding basically had 2 first shooters. You need to go check out his take on the day I almost don't want to post his site, it's that good: Hoffer Photography Blog

Thanks folks, enjoy the show.



Ariel said...

I am in absolute awe of your work. Brilliant photo after brilliant photo.

Eunice (Tanya's friend) said...

First of Congatulations to Tanya and Marius. Domnul sa va binecuvinteze (May God bless you). Sorry I couldnt come to the wedding, maybe I'll be able to come to your first baby dedication? lol.
Second of all SAM I'm your biggest fan! I check your blog almost daily. Also I'm completely amazed at your skills, actually your God given gift to capture such beauty.
And third, Im in awe on how you can still sit like a little child with you legs underneath you. lol (saw the pic on Tony Hoffer's blog.) Amazing.

May God continue to bless you and your family. I wish you were living in Texas, cuz I would absolutely book a session :)

Sam Hassas said...

^^Will be in Texas next month for a wedding. Fort Worth I think.

Thanks for the kind words. Yes, I sit like a big kid. Always have. Better center of gravity I think. For those wondering:

JacquelineSC84 said...

I enjoy your pictures very much! Thank you for sharing. That first pic is so cute!!! Love it!!!

Victoria said...

WOW God has definitely granted you the gift of...idunno, a good eye? lol eyes rather. whatever! I'm in love with your work and think you did amazing at my cousin tanya's wedding. God bless. i'm new to the blog world and don't know how to "add you" =( I'll find out.

Anonymous said...

my favorite wedding pictures so far!! you are the man SAM!

kristylynnphotography said...

What a beautiful wedding Sam! Great shots!

Denise Neufeld said...

Love all the images on your page!!
I would love the chance to second shoot with you sometime.


Joe said...

Try going to

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