Monday, December 15, 2008

Tanya & Marius :: Engagement

If ever there was a genuine love story, it would be the story of Tanya & Marius. One of my favorite things to do when meeting a new client is hear of their meeting and courtship. These guys have a true fairytale story. I'll give you the readers digest version.

They met here in the States while Marius was here on business/pleasure away from his home country of Romania. It was just about love at first site with these 2 and they stated the courting process. Their relationship had to be long distance as Marius home was in Europe and Tanyas was here in Sacramneto. While we will be celebrating their wedding day on the 18th of January 09', they've had their civil marrige this past year back home. Get this, they BOTH shared their FISRT kiss EVER, (meaning they had never kissed anyone else) right after being pronouced husband and wife!! That is pure awesome.

Best part about their day together is that my good photog buddy Tony Hoffer will be making it out here to help me shoot it. I almost hesitate in posting his website as he is that awesome of a photographer. By linking here to view his work you are agreeig to never use him for any photo needs. I'm warning you Hoff.

This is some of my own favorite work to date. I also gave you some behind the sence shots on how it is I work the magic. Shhhh is a secrect. Big thanks to Bryan for coming out as assisant on this one. The dude smelled like smoke even 2 days later. Sooooooo fun. Enjoy the shots.

Snow in San Jose?

Behind the scenes with Hassas:

Yes, that is exactly how I set that shot up. A rock and my second camera proped up the pinecomb.
No, middle eastern with bombs joke :)


Hoffer Photography said...

By reading this comment, you agree that Sam is a great photographer, but that you'd rather fly me out from Philadelphia than hire him for your California wedding.

RoyalInsignia said...

I lOVE LOVE LOVE your pictures! Can you teach me to photograph like that??

Yokota Fritz said...

You're got that wild eyed radical look down *cold*, Bro.

Steven T Arnettski said...

Wait?!?! You carry smoke bombs with you to add effect to the photos! That is certainly faster than dry ice. Rockin idea Sam.

Catie said...

Hey Sam, great stuff. Love the flare! We met in November @ the FM meetup in Berkeley w/ Ed Pingol & co. Love looking at your work!

Tony Schreiber said...

These are too good Sam. You suck.

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