Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Families, Families!!

2 sessions, 2 families, 2 much fun!! (Okay, that was the cheesiest intro ever but who cares right) Both families are dear friends to my wife and I. Both even attend our home church. Lots of fun and plenty of room for love, relationships and goofiness. Thank you Tikolutu's and Masoner's. All of you were such a blast.

I'm crazy behind on so much right now. I feel like I edited for the past month and still don't see the light at the end of the tunnel. To give you an idea of what I'm working on.

Currently Editing:

4 weddings
3 engagement sessions
5 family sessions
2 musician/band sessions
12 wedding album, (ahhhhhh)
3 gazillion Ethan, Jon-Paul pics

All while holding down the fort with emails, contracts, TONS of paper work, permits, consultations, fulfilling print orders etc. Whoever said being a photographer was a glamorous job lied. Running a photography business is 10% photography and 90% business. That said, I would do nothing else :) Rant over.

Stuuf I ate while editing. Don't lie. You got hungry looking at these.

Leftover seafood Linguine form the other night. Celebrated a couple birthdays with some close friends. JDubs

Cap N crunch yo!


Kyle said...

little girl leaning on handle bars = win. great set Sam, love your work.

Karla said...

Love the pictures of the Masoner family. They are such wonderful people!! My husband and I pastor the church where they first came to God (we were the assistant at that time). I'm always watching your blog because I really enjoy your photography. I, also, know your current Pastor and Senior-Pastor VERY well - they are like family to me.

Stephanie Osborne said...

These photos are great. I love the brady bunchesque (yes Im making up words) feeling to your montage. You always do a great job of capturing the who behind the person...

Maurice Ramirez said...

Little girl with doll is beautifully composed. The leave-drop is a GREAT concept, well executed. Love the arm-wrestle and the family pileup!

For some reason the laptop and cereal shots really hit home for me... Can't understand why...

Ivan Watkins said...

Hi Sam,

I love these family entries. You continue to be an inspiration to me.


The Memory Journalists said...

Wonderful family photos! I love the playful feel of them!

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