Saturday, January 24, 2009

Luis Lenzi :: Musician

It's a known fact that the coolest instruments to play are the Electric Guitar and the Sax. All the other instruments look up to these 2 and wish they could be them. Truly saddened for those lesser instruments. Please say a prayer for them.

Don't get a chance to shoot musicians as often as I'd like but when I do it's always a good time. Luis Lenzi is quite the accomplished Saxophonist. While on our shoot together, I had him play the entire time. It really seemed to evoke some real emotion in the images. We shot it at Santana Row and had lots of ooooos and awww's from the passerby's. Mostly from Luis's exquisite playing, (and probably from my laying down on the sidewalk during peak foot traffic). These images will be used in his upcoming CD as well as other promotional needs.

Look for Luis's new CD here in just a short time. His site, go ther and buy something:

A big thank you to Scott Mosher for helping out as assistant on this set. Hope the rig is okay, (he dropped his camera while shooting. It was a Nikon so it doesn't really matter whether it broke or not) *kidding Scott* Your pure Rock & Roll dude.

Note: if you are a musician AND staving and would like images for your promo, web presence or promotional needs give me a buzz. I have specials for musicians trying to break into their passion but the funds are low. (from one artist to another, I know how it is).

Enjoy the show folks.



Biscut said...

Hey man thanks for all your help and talent. I really appreciate all your work and your willingness to help me out. The project should be done within a few weeks, for-sure ill keep you posted on that.
GB, ~luis

Sam Hassas said...

^^^^^^^^^Luis has spoketh. nuff said.


Adolf Hitler said...

dude, that last picture is sick. kinda louis armstrong-ish

KAIT said...

LUUUUUIS! glory to God! ;) those r awesome! cant wait for you to play for WAY choir!!!!!! ;) ;)

~kait~ (bro fitz niece lol)

James Wilder said...

GREAT pics! WOW!

Hey... I think the violin should be added to the list as "cool" instruments... or at least under the "sexy" category. Sax is definitely one of my favorites in that genre as well.

Good stuff Sam! Glad to see you on FB.

James Wilder said...

What's with the Adolph guy?

And his delightful reference to Louis Armstrong, a non-German... sort of freaky if you ask me.

Janell said...

These are all SO great! I especially like the last one! It's amazing to me!
(By the way, the cello and electric violin are just as cool!!!! lol!)

Tina Howlett said...

Hey Luis.....Great pictures!!! Just happened to see your name and thought I'd check it out, so glad I did...And I have to say you are one awesome musician!!!!
Well you take care..Oh by the way it's me
Sis. Tina (timiko's mom) ; )

Stephanie Osborne said...

The sihlouette shots are my favorites, again what a spot on set. You never cease to impress I am sure he will love them.

mauriceramirez said...

Dude I think I've seen Luis play somewhere. Maybe a church, or a concert, or jazz club... anyway he definitely looks like a soulful musician in this set. Wonderful job Sam.

The Memory Journalists said...

Great pictures! Love the last one especially!

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