Monday, August 24, 2009

Marissa & Manny :: Engaged

Yo sup wit it mi peeps?! Sorry, had an ebonics moment for a sec. Better now. Okay.

Marissa and Manny belong to each other. Belong like Bonnie and Clyde belong. Belong like, peanut butter and jelly belong. Belong like Sam and a Ferrari belong. Okay, so the last one was wishful thinking. :S They compliment each other well and were loads of fun during our session together. They will be one of 17 weddings I will be shooting in the next 12 weeks. Ahhhhh. Wedding season is just nuts. I love it and am loosing my mind at the same time. :)

Enjoy the shots everyone and happy Monday.



-Mike and Nicole said...

yay! those are great!


Codrin Baleanu said...

The last one is my fav. Very nice!

Codrin Baleanu

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